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9 of The Worlds Most Disciplined Military’s

To people that aren’t in the army, some of the things we hear or see about other countries can seem pretty extreme. But for them, every move is for their country and they feel pride in that.

9. Chinese Liberation Army

Image Source: Newsweek

In China it is required by law to join the Army, however it is not properly followed because there are so many highly trained personal, they do not have a huge need for soldiers. They start training children in schools with high discipline to get them prepared for the military, in hopes for stronger soldiers. It is the worlds largest military force with over 2,183,000 soldiers to date. Their major military facility is the Zhurihe Base, where they provide soldiers with real life scenarios to better prepare them for active combat.

8. Philippines Military

Image Source: Philstar

They not only learn physical discipline, but they are also mentally disciplined. These soldiers are required to get drunk and then complete their training’s. This allows them to become stronger at all times, physically and mentally. They also have begun accepting women into their Military.

7. United States Navy Seals

Image Source: Daily Mail

Seal stands for Sea, Air and Land, with over 8 different units. The dropout rate for the navy seals is between 75-80%, as the testing and training for it is highly disciplined and difficult. The united states military itself has the third largest army with over 1,347,300 active soldiers.

6. Indian Army

Image Source: edunuts

The Indian army is the second largest military in the world with over 1,395,100 soldiers. They are trained to work as a team as all times and must complete difficult training both physically and mentally. This includes sports, equitation, drills, and swimming, cold water crawling, crawling in a wired trench, and Maharajah.

5. Israeli Shayetet 13

Image Source: twimg

Known as being one of the most efficient military’s in the world, they under-go a 20 month training that is highly secretive from the public. This includes the usual fire arms and heavy weapons training, with the added bonus of martial arts training.

4. Britain’s M16

Image Source:

This is a highly secretive military and each of their agents are considered to be like spies. They collect and analyse secret human intelligence around the world. Yet they call their highly disciplined and tough job, boring. They are also widely known as SIS or Secret Intelligence Service.

3. North Korean Military

Image Source: Businessinsider

As we all know, North Korea is one of the most controlled countries in the world. Some of their training includes punching a tree 5,000 times without stopping, fighting 3-15 opponents at a time, punching salt, and punching a tin can until their hands rip apart. These are only a couple of the horrific acts the government makes them do as part of the military. We thought the citizens were disciplined, however their army men is a whole new level.

2. Russia

Image Source: Mediad

These highly trained professionals strongly believe that pain is a big part of war. Therefore while undergoing training they are abused in order to endure pain at the highest levels. This includes punching them in the stomach and getting hit with a burning concrete slab. They are not allowed to show any signs of pain or they will continue to be disciplined.

1. South African Military

Image Source: Youthvillage

When applying to be part of the elite forces, applicants are forced to wait with no food and are not allowed to sleep for several days. Only those that can endure this will be selected. Once through they are trained both physically and mentally. They must learn to sleep standing up to keep hyenas or unwanted visitors away, they receive food only every 5 days to learn rationing, perform bush marching, and various other activities. They must also pass parachute training. Most men who apply do not make it through the training.

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