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Dancing Uncle is Back and Internet Can’t Get Over Him

Dancing Uncle aka Sanjeev Srivastav recently went viral for his amazing dance skills. A video of a Sanjeev Srivastav dancing with his wife in a wedding spread like fire on the internet last week and made him a viral sensation throughout the country.

Sanjeev Shrivastav, the 46-year-old professor in Bhopal, won the web with his Govinda-propelled moves and turned into a star overnight.

The viral video of Sanjeev and his wife, dancing in a wedding was shot on May 12 at his brother by marriage in Bhopal. The 46-year-old worships the moving divine force’s of Bollywood – Govinda and Mithun Chowkroborty, and you would already be able to tell that by his super-out of control moves in the video below.



Not long after the wedding video got coursed, Dancing Uncle’s second video additionally hit the Internet in which he was seen shaking a leg on “Chadti Jawani Meri Chaal Mastani”.

Presently given his newly discovered distinction via Social media, don’t anticipate that he will stop at any point in the near future. The Dancing Uncle is back with various new clasps of him moving to some energetic tunes of Bollywood and they’re all certain to influence you to feel all toady.

Watch Dancing Uncle’s amazing dance skills below:


People are loving his dance moves and he is going viral day by day! Check out what people are saying about him!

We are sure that he will soon be seeing on TV entertaining everybody. Till then we will wait for more videos of him!

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