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14 Times Animals Thanked Human Beings Who Rescued Them

In high stressful times when an innocent life is in danger, as a sympathetic human being, we can’t help but give our best to rescue them. When we fail to help them it takes a big toll on us, even if we didn’t know the animal. But when the animal is successfully saved, it makes us feel good about the world for one moment. To be thanked by the animal we saved, makes the memory even better.

Deer saved from Hunters

Image Source: Pikabu

The woman in this picture rescued this deer from some hunters a few years ago. Since then, every morning the deer waits for breakfast, hand fed by this woman. She gives him homemade bread.

A Rescued Jaguar

Image Source: Facebook

This Jaguar was found as a cub barely alive and alone. A Soldier in the Brazilian Army found him and got him the treatment that he needed to be nursed back to health. As the cub was so young before being in custody, he never learned how to fend for himself. Therefore the Brazilian government allowed the soldiers to keep him.

Bella the Squirrel

Bella hopes you all have a very MERRY Christmas!!!!!

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Image Source: Facebook

Brantley Harrison and her family found a squirrel that they named Bella in 2009. The poor Squirrel was badly wounded by an owl, but with the help of the Harrison family they nursed Bella back to health and 5 months later she was released. Every day for the next 8 years Bella came to the house to visit.

Kangaroo Hugs

Image Source: Facebook

When this kangaroo was rescued at 5 months old, she was transported to the Alice Springs Reserve in Australia. Every day since her rescue she gives them a big hug.

Deer Kisses

Image Source: Imgur

During a bad winter storm, 3 baby deer snuck into a rescuers house to seek warmth. Once the storm was over and they left, they gave their host plenty of kisses to say goodbye.

Firefighting Dog

Image Source: Facebook

Image Source: Facebook

This dog was injured in a fire, after being rescued and treated at the vet. The owners, unfortunately, left him behind, but the fire department brought him to the station and gave him a badge.

Goose hugs

Image Source: Imgur

This goose got her head stuck in a fence, but thanks to this fantastic man, he got her loose. She gave him a hug in return.

Marvin the Dog

Image Source: Reddit

This dog was rescued from death row at an animal shelter.

Moose Visits Rescuer Everyday

Image Source: Facebook

Superdog The Rescue

John the Skunk

Image Source: Imgur

This little baby was suffering from a Selenium Deficiency, but after being rescued and given proper nutrients. He is now happy and healthy.

Nora the Baby Lover

Nora was abused by her previous owners and unfortunately, she hated all people. But when this family walked into the shelter with their little baby, Nora forgot everything that happened to her and is in love with the baby.

Helping Cat

Image Source: Imgur

This black cat was brought into the shelter with a serious health issue. Since he has healed, he takes care of the other animals with love and warmth to make sure they live through their illnesses.

Dog thanking Vet after being Rescued

Image Source: Imgur

Image Source: Pinterest

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