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13 Ordinary Things That Could Get You in Trouble Abroad

Everywhere you go there are different laws that seem ridiculous if it is not illegal in your country. When you are travelling internationally, it is important to know and understand the laws of the country so you don’t end up in prison or any legal trouble. Here is a couple to get you started if you think you might want to travel.

Couples Living Together Before Being Married

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If you are caught in United Arab Eremites living with someone you are not married to, you will be arrested and put in prison as it is considered a criminal offence. You also need a marriage certificate to rent a hotel room with another person.


Back to reality, but luckily it's pretty damn good đŸ„‚

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In Saudi Arabia it is against the law to bring alcohol into the country with you, there is no alcohol in the country at all due to it being against the principles of Islam. If you are caught drinking alcohol in Saudi Arabia you will face long term jail time. In other countries  such as Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Libya, Bangladesh, Sudan, Yemen, the Maldives, and some parts of India. There are very strict rules on the consumption of alcohol.

Bubble Gum

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In Singapore, the selling and import of any kind of bubble gum are banned and is heavily fined. Some chewing gum is available by prescription only. The reason for the ban is because it can cause a mess if you visit Singapore and see the streets they are the cleanest you’ll ever see. This is due to high fines for loitering and smoking in public.

Public Displays of Affection

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You can be placed in jail or fined in Iran, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, and Thailand for kissing or showing any public displays of affection. Doing these things is sinful and people feel strongly about it.

Stopping on the Autobahn

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In Germany it is illegal to stop on the Autobahn or run out of gas. You will be charged a fine, you also cannot walk on it.

Eating in Public During Ramadan

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If you eat food publicly during Ramadan in any Muslim country, you can be put in jail or fined no matter who you are.

Cactus in Arizona

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In Arizona, if you cut down any of the plants, it is considered theft and you can go to jail.

The Head

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In Malaysia, it is considered extremely disrespectful to touch the top of someone’s head or pass anything over their head, as the head is considered the most sacred part of the human anatomy.

Valentines Day

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Valentine’s day is not celebrated by Muslim culture, therefore Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have banned it from being celebrated. If you are caught celebrating it you will be imprisoned.

Left Hand

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Never do anything with your left hand if you visit Indonesia. The people there use their left hand to clean themselves, therefore it is disrespectful to use it.


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In the East African Country of Burundi, it is illegal to jog in groups, as it was often used as a cover to plan uprisings against the government. You can, however, jog alone.

Disrespecting the Royal Family

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In Thailand, if you are caught disrespecting the king in any way, even dropping money on the ground. You can face serious fines and even imprisonment.

Anything Nazi

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If you travel to Germany, do not bring anything related to the Nazi’s with you! Also, do not do the Nazi Salute. Doing any of these things will land you in jail.

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