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Top 15 Countries With The Most Immigrants

The world is a beautiful place, full of billions of hidden treasures. If you open your eyes there are wonders to explore, adventure to happen. To be able to change where you live, move to a completely new world, is such a free feeling. All over the globe, everything is changing, history is taking place as we speak. People are on flights across countries, from the north pole to south pole.

Unfortunately not every country is safe and people have to migrate, or they don’t have the opportunities they would have somewhere else. The great thing is that some countries need immigrants to survive! A great example of this is Canada and United States. In order for them to stay at a good population after the baby boomers retire and pass away, they need people to immigrate to them. Not only is it for population reasons, but economy, development, and ideas. People from all around the world have different perspectives that need to be embraced with open arms.

If you are looking to migrate to another country for a new beginning, look no further. Here is a list of 15 countries from 2015 of the highest migration populations and their percentages.

1. The United States

Image Source: Thecrazytourist

The united states have a migration population of 46,627,000, totalling 14.5% of the total population.

2. Germany

Image Source: Pinterest

Germany has a migration population of 12,006,00, being a total migrant population of 14.9%

3. Russia

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The Russian Federation’s migrant population is 11,643,000 with a total population of 8.1%

4. Saudi Arabia

Image Source: Yahoo

Saudi Arabia’s has a migration population of 10,186,000 and a total of 32.3% of the population.

5. The United Kingdom

The migrant population of United Kingdom is 8,543,000, with a total of 13.2% of the population.

6. The United Arab Emirates

Image Source: Flickr

In the United Arab Emirates, there is a migrant population of 8,095,000 with a huge total of 88.4% of the population.

7. Canada

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Canada has a total of 7,836,000 migrants, at 21.8% of the population.

8. France

Image Source: Tumblr

The migrant population of France is 7,784,000, making it 12.1% of the population.

9. Australia

Image Source: Photogrist

Australia’s migration population is 6,764,00, at a total of 28.2% population.

10. Spain

Image Source: Pinterest

In Spain the migrant population is 5,853,00, totaling at 12.7% population.

11. Italy

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Italy has a migrant population of 5,789,00, with a total migrant population of 9.7%

12. India

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In India, the migrant population is 5,241,000 with a small total of 0.4% of their population.

13. Ukraine

Image Source: 500px

Ukraine has a total population of 4,835,000 and a total population of 10.8%

14. Thailand

Image Source: Blogspot

The migration population of Thailand is 3,913,000, with a total 5.8% of the population.

15. Pakistan

Image Source: 500px

Pakistan has a total migrant population of 3,629,000 at 1.9% of the population.


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