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27 Historical Pictures of How The World has Changed

In just the last 200 years so much has changed rapidly as the human brain develops. We have made huge advances in everything, technology, scientific discovery, and much more. Thankfully way back when, the camera was invented so we can enjoy hilarious, strange, and interesting pieces of our history. We can see people that actually existed in historical events, or stories that get passed down. We can see pictures from history instead of just reading about it from what someone wrote down.

Here is only a small fraction of our history in photographs from varying times over 100 years.

Gandhi leaving Meherauli in 1948

Image Source: Magnumphotos

A 1956 5 MB Computer being loaded into a plane

Image Source: Tumblr

Kegs of Beer being delivered by an English Brewery to troops in Normandy circa 1944

Image Source: xfree

A refugee camp in Punjab for 300 thousand people in 1947

Image Source: Magnumphotos

The set of Star Wars, cast is enjoying lunch

Image Source: Whosnerd

A man from the Dirty Thirties down on his luck

Image Source: Pinterest

Women in 1936 use to use this machine to roll the fat off of their legs

Image Source: CDN

At the US and Mexico boarder a fugitive was being dragged across by boarder control

Image Source: slappedham

The great Alfred Hitchcock enjoying a cup of Tea with a Lion

Image Source: Oddman

Newspaper clipping from when Nasa successfully landed Neil Armstrong on the Moon

Image Source: Vintag

Ballerina’s Practicing during the War

Image Source: Pixanews

In 1932 an inventor created the Dynasphere, it is a monowheel electric vehicle that can drive up to 25 MPH

Image Source: Dr

In 1967 Sweden Changed from Left to Right Side driving, this is what happened the day of.

Image Source: Fnal

1920’s Women wearing popular Wooden bathing suits

Image Source: Pixanews

1920’s Police Car with a shovel on the front to prevent pedestrians from getting injured

Image Source: Pixanews

Once upon a time in 1917 women had to fight for the rights we have today

Image Source: Blogspot

George Aird ejects out of plane after loosing control on a test run

The First Ronald Mcdonald, Willard Scott

Image Source: Twimg

A group of people in Persia lined up chairs to keep dry in 1924

Image Source: Patrasevents

The testing of one of the first Football helmets back in 1912

Image Source: Askideas

New York Cities Time Square in 1920

Image Source: Pinterest

During the war Officers would wear what is called “Sound Finders” that were designed to hear enemies planes as they flew in

Image Source: Refmap

Portable TV prototype from 1967

Image Source: Encrypted

Pretending to wear stockings by painting them on in 1942

Image Source: Pixserv

The Initial Costume for the Michelin Man

Image Source: VintageOCD

Portable Saunas were once available

Image Source: Zamantika

Women in a Spaghetti eating contest called the Macaroni

Image Source: Lovatron

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