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VIRAL VIDEO: Young Couple Was Being Harassed By The Haryana Police. This Lawyer Intervened And Taught Cops A Lesson.

Police who are supposed to maintain law and order and uphold the rules are often found using their power to harass people. We have seen so many times through videos going viral on social media or news telecasted on our television sets and sometimes live happening in front of us with someone or our own selves.

But here in India, we hardly watch people taking a stand against cops when such things happen. we just obey whatever police officers ask us to do.

In states like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana cops are given free hand in the name of women safety to harass young couples.

These officers from anti-Romeo squad humiliate young boys and girls in the name of search operations.

In India, the young couples find it extremely difficult when they want to spend time together. Even if they are not indulging in any wrong activity, even if they are just sitting and talking, police can still be seen harassing them.


A similar incident happened in Rohtak, Haryana. A couple of days before, a video was posted online and has gone viral since then and is making rounds on the internet on all social media platforms, with over 9.5 million views on Facebook within two days.

In this video, a young couple can be seen spending time together at Tilyar Lake when cops came and started noting down the personal details of the couple, such as name, address, phone number etc.

But fortunately, a person intervenes and questions the police actions. The name of the person is Parveen Malik, who has been practising law in High Court.

In the video, Praveen Malik is seen asking the cops, “Is he a thief? Why are you noting down his mobile number for no reason? Is it because he has come here with a girl? Article 21 of Indian Constitution says no person shall be deprived of his right to liberty.”

To which, a  female police officer who was on the spot gave him a lame excuse that they wanted to speak to the girl’s parents. They also said that they both are children and they were not being harassed.

But both of them were adults, the boy being 25 years old and the girl was 21 years old.

Here’s a complete video of the conversation, which has gone viral on social media:

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