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22 Features That Attract Men About Women

1. A Woman’s Smile

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Men love to see women happy and smiling. It is proven that women who smile are more likely to attract men than women who are always frowning. By smiling more, women are appearing more radiant, energetic, genuine, and positive. A beautiful smile can make that first impression with someone on a high note.

2. Laughter

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It is said by Psychologists that someone with a genuine laugh and a good sense of humour is naturally more attractive and leads to more romantic relationships.

3. Kindness

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This is one of the traits that mean the most to men when searching for a partner. Is she kind to friends, strangers, helpless animals, and family. Does she help a stranger in need if possible? Does she care about other people in general? These are things men consider highly when choosing women to be with. He needs someone who will care for not just themselves, but others.

4. Messy Hair

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Men Prefer to see hair they aren’t afraid to run their fingers through or mess up. Leave it natural and they are more likely to play with it.

5. Glasses

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Not only do you look more intelligent, men find women with glasses more mysterious and attractive.

6. Open-Mindedness


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Men need a women that is open to exploring new things, having curiosity, and playfulness. They do not want a women that acts as if she knows everything. A woman that is not afraid to step outside of her comfort zone, is extremely irresistible.

7. Sweat

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This seems like a weird one, but when you are sweating you put off different scents. Scientific evidence states that if you smell of happiness, people can tell and will feel more attracted to you. This being said, men love a woman that smells good, don’t go walking around smelling you haven’t showered in days.

8. Confidence

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Being confident in yourself can make anyone feel attracted to you and it can make you healthier overall. Having good self esteem is important, because if you are constantly struggling within yourself, a man will be driven away by the need of attention and reassurance. However, you need to make sure to have a balance of confidence and being humble in order to be overall more attractive.

9. No Makeup

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If makeup makes you feel beautiful, wear it. However, a study completed said that 40% of people find women more attractive without makeup.

10. Intelligence

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Women that have a vast knowledge and aren’t cocky about it are incredibly irresistible to men. If a woman is properly educated, thoughtful, witty, and can hold a conversation about several things, she is considered valuable with her mind.

11. Express Your Thoughts

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A woman who is able to express themselves more freely and talk about what they think and feel is very attractive to a man. It is also very important for your mental health and sanity. Keeping everything bottled up inside isn’t good for anyone.

12. Passionate

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Men love a woman that is not just passionate about physical affection, but passionate about their career, goals, dreams, and ideas. Having that moment where your spirit ignites when you talk about something you love. Men find this irresistibly attractive and love to see you happy about it.

13. Healthy Physically

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Men aren’t looking for women with skin and bones. They want someone who is healthy and taking care of yourself. Having extra meat on your bones, being curvy is good as long as it is healthy. In a study they found that men looking at a photo of curvy women, was more aroused and hit the pleasure centres of the brain, then women with fewer curves. Regardless of this, every healthy woman is beautiful.

14. Independence

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Men are fascinated by women who can carry themselves and have a purpose. A Woman who is strong and doesn’t need someone to take care of them as they can make it on their own. Women who are independent and facing difficulty in life, don’t waste time pointing fingers at someone else. They get it done themselves, men love this quality and find them more exciting.

15. Adventure

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Traveling with the one you love is the most amazing fun you can experience.  Men love a woman that wants to see the world, experience new things and being open to what the world has to offer. Life is more interesting when you are spontaneous and accepting of change or challenges. It also makes for amazing memories and fantastic pictures.

16. Tan Lines

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Men love to see the imperfection of tan lines. As odd as it seems, men view tan lines as a more sensitive spot and feel more inclined to touch these ‘tender’ places.

17. Motivation

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A woman with motivation to get the job done has ambition, and drive is incredibly attractive to a man. A woman who knows what she wants and works hard to get it has the ability to not give up and fight for what she wants. A woman who chases her dreams and makes her goals a reality is next level inspiration.

18. Self Worth

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Knowing who you are and feeling confident in yourself is key to anything in your life. If you are fully aware of what you like, dislike and everything in between you is set. It is extremely important to know who you are, because if you don’t know how do you expect someone to love you. You need to understand and value your worth, in order for someone to respect you.

19. Feminity

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Although men do love women who are strong and independent, they also love the feeling of their women’s dependence and letting him take care of her. Men love to feel needed someway or another, but not over the top. You still have to be independent and strong without him. Just let him spoil you and don’t be controlling over him or you will drive him away.

20. Down to Earth

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Men love a woman who is capable of enjoying the little things in life and is humble. Someone who appreciates family and friends. They love a woman that can easily go along with the flow and is open to what life has to offer. A woman who is not selfish can easily win the heart of any man.

21. Creative

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Be creative in everything you do, always have your own ideas and never be ashamed of them. You never know, it could get you huge bonus points. Men find a woman incredibly attractive in her creative abilities and being able to think outside the box. They want someone who is different and stands out from everyone else, be an individual human being. Leave your mark.

22. Happy

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The most important feature a woman can have is being happy. Always strive to find what makes you happy and do what your heart desires. Never let anyone tell you to be someone you are not, this will destroy your happiness. Find yourself, what makes you happy and do it. Quit the job you hate, cut negative people out, experience new and exciting things. It may seem impossible at the time, but in the end, it will be so worth it. Men love a woman who is in touch with herself and finds happiness in everything. So Laugh at yourself, smile as much as you want to, and never be ashamed of what makes you feel you.

I tried very hard to make this article more empowering on women, as in today’s society women are very pressured. We have this idea of what someone should look like and it’s unrealistic. I want you to be the best version of yourself and never give up what sets your heart on fire.

Never change for anyone, except yourself.

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