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15 Lesser Known Facts About India That Will Blow Your Mind.

Once, Mark Twain, the famous writer said this about India, “So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked.”

Be it’s the history of this country or the legends of this country, be it’s the burst of cultures or traditions, be it the selfless brotherhood among people or diversity in religions, be it the exotic locations or the architectures of this country. be it the love for cricket or for the love of Bollywood movies and celebs India is truly incredible and beautiful in every way.

But India is not just about all these things we mentioned above. It’s way beyond all this, that makes India the mother of a birthplace. Here, we bring you some lesser known, unheard facts about the country which we bet no one has ever told you. :

1. Haathi Mere Saathi:

In Tamil Nadu, all the elephants get a nutritious and splendid diet after a well-massaged bath in the ponds of Punnathoor Cotta Elephant Yard Rejuvenation Center. India, a place where animals are treated or I should say worshipped like this.

2. Diamond Machine:

Long before we got the title of ‘Golden Bird’, India was also a ‘Diamond Machine’. Earlier, diamonds were found only in the deposits of River Krishna. But in the 18th Century, these rocks were found in Brazil. Until that India ruled the world in the production of diamonds.

3. The Steel-Man:

Mr. Ratan Tata, one of the richest personalities of India acquired Jaguar.

4. This Peter Is  Not From England, It’s Indian:

Well, Peter England is not Made In England. It is India’s.Peter England is one of the largest menswear brands in India. So, the next time you better be aware of this fact before you flaunt this brand in front of your friends, by saying that it’s a UK brand.

5. This One Is Indian Too :

Okay, this one is quite shockingly Indian. Although it Sounds French, it’s pure Indian. It is inspired by King Louis Philippe.

6. Let’s Float & Post :

We all are aware of the fact that, India has the largest number of post offices in the world but are you aware that India has a floating post office too? This floating post office is located in ‘Srinagar’, the heaven on Earth. The post office has been attracting many eyeballs since the day it was inaugurated by the former CM Oman Abdullah in 2011.

7. Kabaddi, Kabaddi:

We can proudly say that no one can beat Indians in Kabbadi. India has won all six men’s Kabaddi World Cups held till now and were undefeated throughout all these tournaments.

8. Everyone Loves Old Monk :

This legendary rum has an army of fanatic fans. Those who can throw away expensive bottles of finest drinks just for a peg of sweet Old Monk. And trust us, Old Monk is truly Indian.

9. One Hell Of A Plan:

India has the largest planned township on the Earth. Yes, Navi Mumbai is a planned satellite township of Mumbai. It was developed in 1972.

10. “Bangalored” :

After the heavy outsourcing that took place in India, Oxford dictionary included the word “Bangalored” in it. Simply amazing!

11. A Single Man Can Make A Difference:

This one will blow your mind, this one person, Mahant Bharatdas Darshandas, has forced government officials to set up a special polling booth for himself as he is the only voter from Banej in Gujarat.

And he has been voting since 2004.

12. Tip Tip Barsa Paani? :

India has the world’s wettest inhabited place. Mawsynram a village on the hills of Khasi in Meghalaya, receives the highest recorded average rainfall in the world.

13. Champi Anyone?

Derived from the epic Sanskrit word ‘champu’, this showering concept was actually invented in India. Remember getting the ‘champi’ done by our mothers, every weekend.

14. Just wow! :

The Bandra Worli Sealink in Mumbai has steel wires equal to the earth’s circumference. Yes, you read that right.

15. Yes, Its legal! :

Yes, Prostitution is legal in India and we are proud of this fact. Every person or every girl has a right to do whatever they want to do and there is nothing that can stop her to do so. Prostitution has been called world’s oldest profession yet it’s always been a taboo in our country. Leave prostitution, sex is considered as a taboo in our country.

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