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7 Times Cricket Matches Were Delayed Due To Bizarre Reasons

Cricket is considered an unpredictable game where anything can happen. However, in some times cricket matches had to be delayed due to bizarre reasons. Usually if its raining the the play is delayed and the Cricketers had to leave the field in some cases or the game was delayed thanks to unavoidable circumstances. We have complied 5 such instances which will shock you

Bee Attack:

On 4th February, 2017 an ODI between South Africa and Sri Lanka at the Wanderers in Johannesburg had to be stopped for more than an hour as swarm of bees invaded the ground. The Sri Lankan batsmen, the South African fielders and the umpires tried to save themselves from the bee attack by lying flat in the ground. Two fire extinguishers were used as an attempt to take the bees of the pitch. The ground staff tried every technique but failed. In the end a hive was constructed to capture all the bees and the game was restarted after 65 minutes.

Watch Video Of Bee Attack:

Delhi Smog:

The ongoing third Test between India and Sri Lanka was interrupted for 15 minutes on the second day because of presence of smog. The game was being played at the Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi. Skipper Dinesh Chandimal and his Sri Lankan teammates had to wear anti-pollution masks on the field after lunch to continue playing the game. However as Sri Lankan bowler Lahiru Gamage coughed badly during bowling, the umpires Nigel Llong from England and Joel Wilson from West Indies, had to stop the game for fifteen minutes following a complaint from Sri Lankan skipper Chandimal. However the game resumed when the Indian players and umpires insisted.


People miss flights, trains and buses thanks to traffic but in August 2017 a T-20 game between Somerset and Gloucestershire was delayed because of it. The game was supposed to start at 6:30 pm at Bristol County Ground. However, the Somerset team began their journey to the ground at 2 pm, they reached the ground over four and a half hours late due to an accident. The game started 45 minutes after scheduled time, at 7:15 pm.

Car on the pitch:

On 3rd November, 2017 a man drove his car to the pitch when the security guard was not in his station. Delhi and Uttar Pradesh were battling it out in a Ranji Trophy encounter in Palam but the match was interrupted by this bizarre incidence. Famous cricketers like Gautam Gambhir, Ishant Sharma, Suresh Raina were playing in the game. After police investigation, it was concluded that the driver was mentally unstable and therefore, no formal complaint was lodged.

Death of a cricketer:

In an unfortunate incidence, Phillip Hughes died on the cricket field in 2014. The cricket fraternity went into mourning and the second day’s play of the Sharjah Test between Pakistan and New Zealand was postponed immediately. All cricket lovers showed their love and respect for the cricketer by putting up their bats and sharing on social media.


In a Test Series between England and India, a monkey interrupted the match. In Ahmedabad, the play was delayed as a (langur) monkey bounded across the pitch towards an unsuspecting female companion sitting on the other side of the pitch. Isn’t it bizarre?

Naked Man:

This incident happened in Australia when a naked man ran toward Symonds at the non-striker’s end . The streaker was unable to evade Symonds, who leaned into him in a rugby-style shoulder charge, dropping him instantly to the ground. The man faced a fine of around £1,500. Seriously? Why would you run naked one the ground?

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