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16 Pictures That Prove Bad Luck Is The Worst Thing To Have

Some people really are very unlucky. This article proves how few people really don’t have luck on their favor. Have a look at these pictures.

1.This guy slept while the US President stood beside him. Feel bad for him!

2.Sony didn’t have a great birthday that is for sure. He probably cleaned all the mess himself.

3.It really couldn’t be any worse despite what the mug says.

4.Can you feel the pain that is transcending through the picture? At least we can!

5.This one is really creepy! Next time think twice before using a face switch app.

6.The girl must have caught attention that night. It is simply hilarious.

7.What is she actually trying to do? Whatever it she, she is failing miserably.

8.Does the photographer still has his camera intact after taking this shot? We don’t think so.

9.We wonder how the burger tasted with paper and cellophane!

10.This one shows that we should try to be safe while celebrating birthdays!

11.Wonder if the stains are still there in that car!

12.It must have hurt? No? Improve your reflexes to avoid such pain.

13.Is it the best way to hold a French fry?

14.Even the restaurant is trying to tell you not to consume so much fast food.

15.The frog wasn’t the prince she was hoping for.

16.Both brothers won a lottery. Can you guess who is richer?

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