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This Man Was Trolled By People On Twitter But After Knowing His Reality They Regretted.

Twitter has given us amazing platform to connect to celebrities , to keep our opinion about different things happening around. Few people use or I would say Trollers use twitter to turn the spotlight onto them. They just want attention, they want to make trolls on people so that other people can repost their comment or get followers. They will use everything and anything to fulfill their lame desires of attaining that spotlight.

Humans have very common habit of judging people. No matter what you do, you’ll be judged. But judging people on the basis of their race, religion and skin colour is not acceptable. Not everybody practice this but when we talk about Twitter, then trollers don’t miss any opportunity to bring celebrities down by discriminating them.

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Social media has evolved drastically, the way people perceive things is different. Especially when we talk about India and the other side of the world. India is at next level of trolling. I’m myself from India but when I see people posting and sharing things on social media to discriminate people, its disappointing. The skin colour you have, cloths you wear; there is high probability that you might get trolled. There are pages on Facebook where people just post stuff to troll.

Coming onto Twitter and trolls, its again a reason to worry. These social media giants should take some steps so that people can stop uttering filth. As mentioned above people are very rude and and insensitive towards everything you post. Recently, a picture of couple went viral on social media and people trolled them for the skin colour of the guy.

People went on rampage to troll the guy without even knowing who he is. He is one of the finest director, Atlee Kumar. People who are trolling the man, have no idea that he is not an ordinary man. He is  one of the most renowned directors and screenplay writers of Kollywood and the woman with him is South-Indian actress and his wife Krishna Priya. The 31-year-old director has also won the Vijay Award for the Best Debut Director.

Atlee Kumar is best known for his directorial debut Raja Rani (2013), produced by Fox Star Studios, for which he was awarded the Vijay Award for Best Debut Director. He worked as an assistant director with high budget filmmaker S. Shankar for the films Enthiran (2010) and Nanban (2012). Atlee Kumar began his career as an assistant director in Enthiran (2010) under director S. Shankarand he continued to work with him in his next project Nanban (2012), a remake of the Hindi film 3 Idiots.

In 2013, he made his directional debut through Raja Rani. The film was produced by Fox Star Studios and AR Murugadoss. It was a romantic comedyfeaturing Arya, Jai, Nayantara, Nazriya Nazim and Sathyaraj. He was appreciated for pulling off a stellar ensemble cast successfully in his very first film. Raja Rani eventually emerged a huge success after earning over 500 million from the South Indian box office within four weeks. Atlee Kumar’s work was appreciated by everyone and gradually he became a household name among Kollywood fans.

So, all these achievements can easily shut any troller’s mouth and can teach them a lesson that never judge a person with their skin colour, cast or religion. India is very diverse country and accepting people and their work is very common practice  but trollers troll  people like Atlee Kumar to grab attention and its unfortunate. Having a humour is great but making fun of people for their skin colour is not fun.

Our message is very clear to our readers that where every you see any such post please report that person who is trying to discriminate others. Lets make social media healthy platform for sharing great stories.

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