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Maria Sharapova Gets Marriage Proposal From Fan During Game, Her Reaction Was Priceless.

Tennis sport is very popular around the world and India has give some great players to this sport like Sania Mirza, Leander Paes and many others.  Tennis sport is not very popular among Indians but people living abroad are crazy about tennis. Tennis players are not just respected for their amazing game but are also admired for their looks and beauty.

Players like Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova and many others have fans who just love them for  everything they do, way they we carry themselves and their attitude. Maria Sharapova has always been first choice for all the leading brands, she is fashion icon for the masses. She is associate with huge brands like Porsche, Nike and many more.

Maria Sharapova is the best-paid female athlete in the world, with talent for business that has made her one of tennis’s biggest brands.

She topped the list with $29 million in earnings – $23 million of which came from endorsements rather than prize money. Sharapova may have entered Wimbledon as World No. 5, but her earnings put her $8.5m ahead of World No. 1 Serena Williams.

Maria Sharapova who has won five Grand Slam championship was recently in news for something unusual. The Russian Tennis star was playing an exhibition match in Turkey when she got a marriage proposal by a fan during the match while she was on the court and about to serve.  One courageous man sitting in spectators area shouted  “Maria, will you marry me?” The moment he asked this question the whole stadium started laughing but the way Maria reacted to the whole incident  was priceless.

Watch Maria Sharapova’s epic reaction :

Maria’s response was priceless as she didn’t say Yes or No.Maria Sharapova is not married yet, it is vivd after watching the video that Maria is not looking to get married anytime soon.   She is focusing to get back to mainstream tennis, she returned to Tennis in April 2017 after completing a 15-month suspension for using banned drug. She got a wildcard entry into the US open.

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