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Meet Sachin Atulkar: The Fittest IPS Officer In India

When it comes to fitness, IPS Sachin Atulkar is the icon of police department officers and staff. Especially when it comes to serving nation, health and fitness are of utmost importance. Sachin Atulkar worked really hard on his fitness and after cracking the exam in the first attempt became an IPS officer at the age of 22. Sachin Atulkar has a lot of fan following, where ever he goes people of all age groups ask for selfies and him always aware people about being fit and healthy.

Here are some of the pictures of the Sachin Atulkar, The Fittest IPS Officer Of India!

Sachin Atulkar is one fine face that is rare to find. He is therefore invited to a lot of social events and is everybody’s icon. Sachin often talks about his fitness goals and how he achieve those goals. His success mantra revolves around two words i.e. passion and persistent. The way he carries himself is no less than a Bollywood star. Sachin has always followed strict diet and training schedule. Even now when serving nation, he takes out some time for his exercises and keeps himself fit. According to Sachin, by working out in the gym he distresses himself and is able to focus on his job.

In 1999, Sachin played cricket at the national level and has won a gold medal for the same. He’s still very active in sports and encourages the youngster to play sports and stay fit.

Sachin Atulkar is fitness freak and exercises daily to stay fit.

Sachin makes sure that he works out regularly. His fitness levels were rather a treat to many people during the Mahakal’s fourth ‘sawari’. We have the misconception that to crack IPS exam one has to cut himself with the outer world and have to give up on other activities. But, Sachin proved it wrong! As mentioned earlier by Sachin if you are passionate about something you will definitely achieve it with your input of hard work.
According to Sachin, exercise keeps stress at bay and it keeps the mind fresh.
Sachin Atulkar is a true inspiration for every Indian who really want to contribute towards nation’s safety!

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