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22 First World crisis Illustrations

Our planet has been overcome by the internet, social media, and cell phones. We are slaves to our technology, we gotta have the latest of the latest to fit in. Everything is changing insanely fast and its hard to keep up in this multi-billion dollar century of technology. That’s how it is in first world countries and these artists agree.

Image Source: Tiago Hoisel

Follow the leader, give him what ever he wants.

Image Source:  Paweł Kuczyński

Drinking up the probable addiction.

Image Source: John Holcroft

Everything is about the likes these days, if you don’t have at least 100 likes you’re nothing.

Image Source: Paweł Kuczyński

I hope that our planet never gets to this point. Also, what is he leaning on?

Image Source:  John Holcroft  

Everyone has to have the perfect shade of skin, follow social medias rules of beauty while soaking up the cancer for big pharma.

Image Source: Tumblr

You can’t trust anyone these days, everyone is out for themselves.

Image Source:  Steve Cutts

Isn’t everyone a zombie these days? Maybe this is why everyone is always so tired.

Image Source: Tumblr

Nothing compares to a real birds tweets.

Image Source: John Holcroft 

I think we all wish we looked like the guy in the mirror, maybe someday.

Image Source: ILYA KUTOBOY

So focused on social media, they can’t even dance properly.

Image Source:  Steve Cutts

Food is another big issue with today’s society, junk food is cheap and healthy foods are expensive. All thanks to importing, instead of growing it ourselves.

Image Source:  Elia Colombo

Birth, School, Work, Family, Die. Try to skip a step or do things differently and you are highly judged.

Image Source: aktivist

A tv full of lies? Is the guy feeling self conscious of his nose? Is Pinocchio in there?

Image Source:  John Holcroft

Nail your coffin with the words of the internet.

Image Source: John Holcroft  

Just casually collecting my money.

Image Source: Dran

Soon enough this is all our children or grandchildren will have, illustrations and videos.

Image Source: Angel Boligan

Usually the kids born under the poverty line have better imaginations and a great worth ethic. This is because they were out playing as a kid to keep busy instead of being stuck in front of a TV or a tablet.

Image Source: Kai Ti Hsu

The Media’s view of beauty, would not be in this photo unfortunately.

Image Source: John Holcroft

Time is money! No time to sleep. That’s why people are passing out our dying from exhaustion in Japan.

Image Source: Igor Morski

This looks so realistic, other then the blood.

Image Source: John Holcroft 

People are being used like shopping carts these days. It’s not just Women that are being used.

Image Source: Twimg

I would want my own boat too if everyone wasn’t smart enough to fix the full one.

Image Source: Paweł Kuczyński

Pokemon go, gotta catch them all right?

Image Source: BizarroComics

Marriage is apparently a trap anyway. Everyone has to try to have the biggest and best wedding to show off their wealth. It’s not about love anymore.

Image Source: Sturt Krygsman

Too busy on the phones to notice he lost his books.

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